Monday, October 1, 2012

Graphic 45 "Little Darlings" Baby Book Album designed by Magda Cortez

A couple of months ago, my dear friend and close neighbor, Kathie,  introduced my "PlayDay" group to a new instructor/designer - Magda Cortez.  Her website is in both English and Spanish.

Kathie and our friend Dawn had taken a class from her in Oceanside.  I loved the book that Magda had literally engineered since that is what she is - an engineer.  The book was amazing and Magda had used Graphic 45 paper (one of her favorite companies to work with).  While in class Kathie told Magda about our "PlayDay" group. Magda had expressed interest and Kathie asked me if we could include her.  The rest is history.

Magda is amazing.  What is so much fun is watching her create before our very eyes.  I have spoke about her already, in my Halloween post.  Wow, you should see the book she created (two in fact) with the Halloween theme.

But, this post is about her baby book!  Since I am a new and first time grandma, I feel madly in love.  She had already taught the class.  I begged her to teach it again at my home and she easily said, "yes."  We all got our paper and began.

Here is Magda's video using Graphic45 "Little Darlings" paper.  Enjoy.

I needed one immediately for my best friend Carole's daughter's baby shower.  I decided to give Carole (the grandma to be) the book at the end of the shower.  Everyone loved it.

Original made for Carole
Then I proceeded to make four more.  Very, very, time intensive.  I made one for myself, another one for my dear friend Patty who just had her first granddaughter, one to be auctioned off at my friend, Elena's Seaside Soiree in December and one to keep for the next grandma that might need it!

The first one for Carole, I made the cover exactly like Magda's in her video.  The next four I played with the covers with just little tweets.

Used some flowers I had in my stash and decided not to put anything down the left side.  Used the larger banner and cut down the "For Baby" announcement.  Softer look.

Simple with a tad of lace

This one is more coral in color.  Plus, I used the satin flowers you find at Michael's.  I cut the bottoms off and opened them up so that they weren't so pointy on the bottom and would lay (lie?) better.

More Coral in color
Below, different lace down the side and keeping it pink.

Here is the cover of my book for my grandson.  In the below photos, I like the first one better without the flowers on the side.  But, in person, I am very happy with the bottom book that actually has the white flowers down the side.  I think maybe I need to ink the white or should try to tea dye the white.  Too much of a contrast, right?

My Grandson's Book
Find Magdalena Cortez on FB and friend her.  See all her new designs.  Wait until you see her Christmas books.  The Graphic 45 Nutcracker Paper book is fantastic and so is her other Christmas book and her GingerBread Book.  She designs everything herself!

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geogems said...

absolutly beautiful. As to the one saved for another gramma---how about an old gramma, whose babies are grown---but their baby pics would sure look amazing in one of your books. Just saying...

I am amazed at the varied arts you have come along way from "woman's story" to where you are the, fun, fun.Glad to see your blog up again...geo