Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two GREAT days with Sally Jean

Silly Sal and her angel
Last week, I once again went to Cheryl Simpson's home where Sally Jean teaches.  The facilities are amazing and Cheryl is an incredible hostess.

Thursday's Class

It was good to see other artists I usually only see at a Sally Jean's class like Alicia.  And of course Margo and I sat together.  I had been gone the week before so missed my weekly playday with Margo.  I lucked out having Rita Reade from Vintage Market Place on my left and Margo on my right.  
Choose your angel's body

Choose your angel's head

With Sally Jean's classes you never know exactly what you will be making.  Today was no exception.  There is always that wonderful element of discovery and surprise.  Thursday we created glass angels with vignette's inside the glass.  Sally provided the glass and the angel heads.  There are always new techniques to learn and revisiting old Sally Jean techniques that are in need of refreshing. They say your dogs look like you.  Well, my angel body looks like me - squatty  body and all. . . Once I get the pin cushion for her to stand on she will grow those legs I always wanted.

We were rewarded at the end of the day with a surprise little project.  Sally's inspiration was  the medals that are worn on uniforms.  I made my "Grandma" badge.  Easy and fun.  And again, a little new technique was learned in the creations of this little badge.

Margo showing us her angel

Close up of Margo's angel

I feel I am never completely prepared as the other's as to what to use for my vignettes.  You never know what the subject will be or could be.  I will spend the next few months at garage sales and flea markets looking with completely different eyes.  I took a small cut glass wine bowl/glass for my angel because I felt I was really limited as to what I brought to use.  Plus, everyone else had very beautiful and sophisticated vignettes and since I have this first and new grandson, mine would be more child like friend.   That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Alicia Gilaro's Angel
Titled "Partridge in a Pear Tree"
Cheryl's angel

Here are some of the Thursday group's angels.  There were 16 in total.  We lined them up in Cheryl's workshop.

The Artists 

Alicia Walker or Pink Alicia
Alicia is a joy to be around.  She is the original Pink Alicia.  Everything she collects is pink it seems.  Her angel had a pink skier, a pink Christmas tree and I think, a pink deer in her vignette.  Crazy!  And it all sat upon a snow bank in her glass bowl!  Why don't I have a photo. . .?

Close up of Rita's Angel
Rita hold her angel
 Rita Reade played outside the box.  She is the only one who chose the small doll head and then a large wine glass bowl for the body.  At the time, I though "what?"  Well, the finish project with her lace skirt on the outside of the bowl was beautiful (not cute - Rita hates the word "cute").  A joy to sit next to.  Always supportive of what other's are doing and willing to share anything she has with others.

Rita is the proprietor of the Vintage Market Place at the Oaks. Check out the schedule and be sure to drop by this upscale flea market.

Friday's Class

Sally's Jean's class on Friday was the most difficult I have ever had to do.  Only because we were working on such a small scale.  Again, limited as to what I brought for the vignettes.  I loved seeing what all the other students brought to use and used so very effectively.  Susan Bezek, a teacher in her own right, had the tiniest and so precious little rocking horse.  I wanted to steal her treasures.  Got to be on the look out for sure for "stuff" for vignettes!

Michelle Hurtt
Sally's creativity has no bounds and some of the students went in their own creative direction with much success.  My difficulty mainly was working so small and that my collage work did not dry sufficiently to bend and stay even with the clear caulking.  But, I can fix that.  The antlers were great and easy and so was the wheels.  Loved the pussy willow tails and how she worked out the deer head.

Earlier in the week, I guess there was a teddy bear.  Sally didn't have a completed project, only the tummy.  I sure wish I had taken that class!  But, I had just returned from NJ and knew I would be tired and I was.
Alicia Gilaro
Friday, Margo and Rita were not there.  But, everyone is so friendly and nice and others come from afar without their buddies.  I made friends with those around our big table - Another Alicia (there were two), Tiffany Smith, Susan Bezek and Juli Lloyd.  Alicia and I met for the first time at Elena's Seaside Soiree a couple of years ago.  

Plus, Pam and Ann were at the table behind me.  Always great to reunite with art friends.

Tiffany's beginning vignettes
Susan's vignette's
More vignettes in progress
Three more vignettes
This one with a ballerina motif.
Woodsy motif

Susan Bezek
holding Sally Jean's Reindeer
Tiffany Smith's angel

We all expressed our enthusiasm for Sally Jean to return in the Spring with new ideas and projects.  Yes, I learned a lot of new techniques, but even if I didn't the camaraderie and girl's day out are really worth it, plus, again Cheryl Simpson's hospitality.

Pam Munns

Debbie Udall Wilcock
Tree's from Wednesday's
non-soldering class

Be sure to check out Sally Jean's sale site at Gray Mouse. Then search Sally Jean.  Her new tote bags are gorgeous.  Got to see a lot of her wares in person at Cheryl's.
Margo Beatty and me
Sally Jean, Margo, Cheryl and Silly Sal

On purpose I don't show a close up of Sally Jean's sample projects.  She has worked hard to create theses projects for us.  I want you all to get the feel of her classes and want to take classes from her when she returns.  She has so much to share and takes everything to a new high.  She is the one that suggested I put my angel on a old fashion tomato pin cushion (which my friend Mary is going to bring to me since she collects theses little gems).  Then I decided to scan a Queen of Hearts playing card, reduce it and print it on shrinky dink and make a chard for around her neck hanging under her jeweled collar.  One idea leads to another.

Thank You Sally Jean


Rita said...

Beautiful Sally! You capture all the beautiful moments. I had so much fun with you. Thank you
ps I love the photo of me CUTE!
Ciao Rita

jackieb said...

AS you usual you took pictures and described everything beautifully. Everything looks so gorgeous!!!

You must come to my house and "dig" thru my goodies for some vignette stuff or do I have to have a garage sale to get you over here. ha ha

see ya soon,

hugs, jackie