Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Danita's class at Jenny Doh's Studio

Danita holding one of her original canvases
Me, Danita and Elena at the end of the day
 Last Saturday, Elena and I drove up to Santa Anna to take much awaited Danita Class at Jenny Doh's.  Jenny's Studio is perfect for classes and everything was ready for us!  Her studio is located in vintage old town of Santa Anna where there are many artist's studios and The Art Bar which has been a fixture on Broadway for many, many years!  Too bad Elena and I didn't have time to stop in and visit The Art Bar.  Next time for sure!
Jenny introducing Danita
Upon entering Jenny's studio the first people we saw was the owner of Paper Tales, Michelle.  Her store is located in Point Loma and is my favorite store for many reasons.  Right now they are enlarging their space while other stores are either closing or reducing their store foot prints.  Paper Tales is so very shabby chic with a comfy couch to rest while shopping, a vintage pink stove for ambiance and I noticed a darling new Miss Kitty microwave in the back for her worker bees, who are terrific!  Just a darling store.  Be sure to support your local stores whenever possible!

I had taken Danita's online class where we did sewing.  It was offered by Jenny Doh through Crescendoh and was an excellent class.

Then this year I took Danita's online class which was also excellent.  But, I wanted to see Danita up close and watch her work in person. She did not disappoint.  I had no idea she was so tall!  And, she is beautiful but inside and out.

Danita is an excellent teacher.  In this class, she starts out with a blank canvas and took us step by step through her process.  She would demonstrate and then we would go back to our seats and try to produce.  She would walk around the classroom and help everyone who wanted her help and/or opinion on what they were working.

At all the seats was our "swag bag" with goodies from Danita for our project, if we choose to use them or forgot to bring papers ourselves.  

Also, we each received one of Danita's paintings.  They were all different and my could not have been better for me and my family! Thank you so much Danita for your generosity and thoughtfulness.
Our present from Danita
Paper Tales owner, Michelle in long gray dress.
Nicole to her right.
Elena had chosen for us to sit right in front of one of the big open windows in the studio.  It was going to be another hot day in the Southland.  An added bonus is that when Danita demonstrated, Elena and I were right there and could see up close and from Danita' s perspective what she was doing.  It was great!

Step 1 - the paper collage
Step 2 - the paint
Step 3 - the head and body
Step 4 and 5 - the face and clothes

Step 6 - details
Elena started out having trouble with her little angel's eyes.  She 

asked me to take a photo and post it on FB while she was laughing so very hard.  But, after a couple of re-do's and some help from Danita, her girl was a success.  I think it came out absolutely darling and so Elena!
Elena's background
Elena's first try had Asian eyes, per Elena
Elena's darling finished Angel

My canvas on the other hand. . .  I love backgrounds but hated the background I did.  First off, once again I am not working in "my colors" which Elena reminded me.  I was trying to do the background using colors that are in my 6 month old grandson's room.  Well, I didn't get close and am not finished with the results.

Background with subject cutouts
Sally's work in progress. . .
Sally's eyes and drawn pug
But, I did love making the boy and his pug dog.  Very happy with that results.  It's amazing how using Danita's technique, your faces evolve.  She has absolutely some step-by-step procedures for you to achieve anything even close to her results.  My boys eyes are bigger than usual and his eyebrows a little thicker and he has ears.  She says theses are the things that differentiates the little baby boy. I have been sketching all the different drawings I want to do for my grandson's room, but had no idea how to paint the face and the eyes.  Now I do.

Here are some canvas in  progress from other participants in Danita's class.  Oh, on my left sat Linda, whom I had met years ago through Elena.  I wish I had a photo of her background canvas after I took her pictures.  The picture is nice but her finished background was GREAT!  
Linda's work in progress
Here are two more student's canvas in progress.  Wish I had gotten theses artist's names!  Took their photos because I loved their backgrounds.

Loved her canvas background
Loved this background canvas too!
Elena is having her once a year Seaside Soiree, November 30 through December 2nd at Scripps in La Jolla.  Danita is going to be the teacher all day Sunday.  Below is the sample canvas that Danita will be teaching.  Elena's work is all for charity.  She is a registered non-profit charitable organization.  Please support her and her good works.  Her three day event is amazing and so much fun.  Check out her site to see the other teachers and the planned activities.

Seaside 2012 flyer

Danita's Sample Canvas

Then there is the group photo with all of us.  

Our Class


Kat Baker said...

What a fabulous time you had. Can't wait for Seaside Soirée. Learning Danita's technique will be wonderful. Hope you will be there.

Kat Baker said...

Sally, How fabulous for you. I can't wait for Seaside Soirée and Danita. I hope you can attend that day.

geogems said...

what a wonderful grouping of artists. I like how each one is different and portrays individuals...not all the same. great job by each individuals. We are so fortunate to live in this area where there are so many gifted people to learn techniques. I hear so many people from other areas saying they cannot find anyone for play dates or other wise. thanks for sharing...

Michelle Magarian White said...

Danita's class was so much fun! It was great to get coffee and hang out with you too! Thanks for mentioning Paper Tales!

Rita said...

Great Class Silly Sally! and so good to see you today. You are so much fun....The Art Bar in Santa Ana is really cool. I got to do one project there. Ciao for now Rita

Anonymous said...

Sally, your Danita art is awesome! Now I want to take a class with her!

-Christine Barker