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I know it's a little early for Halloween.  But, if we wait until the last minute, then there isn't enough time!  Plus, I want everyone to meet Magda Cortez,  the new teacher in the neighborhood and online!

There is a magnificent new paper album artist in the area - Magda Cortez.  My friends, Kathie G. and Dawn took  Magda's class at EverAfter in Oceanside and share there magical book and it's nooks and crannies with me.  During the class, Kathie mentioned my once a week play day and Magda, new to the area, inquired if she could come and play too?  Of course, I said, "yes"!

She showed up with this vast array of books she had created out of paper and adorned with beautiful scrapbook paper.  (It looks like Graphics 45 is one of her favorite companies.)  Some of her covers are made out of unusually but commonly found materials such as egg cartons, chip bags and OJ/Milk cartons and of course, standard chip board material too!  What an imagination Magda has!

I also found a Halloween table-scape piece of art that I had gotten a deal on since the piece needed some TLC.  Well, this gave Magda an idea and she began sketching.  The following two videos show the two books which she created on paper and then engineered all the parts when she got home.  Oh, by the way, she is a college graduate engineer and therefore very detailed orientated!  

While Magda was sketching one of her next books, I was working on some Halloween stuff.  I remembered that I had made 3 Halloween books in 2009 for my husband's grandson and great-grandson and made a third to keep for a sample.  I thought the book was finished, but Magda looked at it and said in a sweet voice,  "it was a nice start".  Why didn't I add a few more embellishments which she began to suggest.  I found in my "stuff" a picket fence and other objects like a giant spider punch, etc. etc. etc.  Here is a before and after photo with Magda's input and my rethinking the creative process!

Before Magda's Help
With Magda's Help
(Oops, color is off. . .)

Magda is going to be selling her kits online with video instructions.  Click here for Magda's current English/Spanish website to get a taste of what is to come. Click on here on Magda Cortez to visit her new website that is still in development stage for English Speaking persons.  This is where you will find her online classes.

My Grandson's HAUTED HOUSE ala Deb Hodges style and design

Much more to do

In the mean time, back in December, 2011,  I had seen artist/teacher Deb Hodge Haunted Houses on display and loved them.  When Hobby Lobby opened in Temecula, Kathie and I went for a road trip where I picked up the last paper mache house they had at the time for $7. Then, the next time I saw Dyanna Cooley to purchase metal from her for my jewelry I make and sell, I got the bat Deb Hodges used on the top of her haunted house  and some other stuff for frames around the windows.  Last week I found some skeletons at Michae's and started to work on this project.  Well, I didn't have enough metal pieces for around the windows - only enough for around the front windows.  What to do?

Find the real metal pieces. . .
To the rescue Cuttlebug (that I haven't used in years) and Tim Holtz Distressed 12x12 paper package and Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads.  Below you see my progression as I come to create for pennies, the eight side window frames.  I have also order more Tim Holtz Distress Black Soot Crackle paint for the chimney and the porch of my haunted house and the front of my haunted book. Not really pleased with this batch of Tim Holtz Distressed Black Soot Crackle.  Have put more than two layers of the stuff on and it's not crackling like it did before. . .

The Process
Again, find the real metal piece and then what I made.
Deb Hodges is selling her kits and her ideas and kits are amazing.  Check out her online website.  Deb and everyone else should know that I am not selling nor teaching classes. I take many classes and always support local artists.  In this case, I just saw something I liked and sat down and tried to figure out how I could make it myself for my first grandson!  I just have to do some printing of letters to spell "B O O" and solder them behind my beveled glass and I will be finished!  Of course, at 5 months old, grandson won't be touching or appreciating grandma's Halloween treasures until he is older, but I might not be interested in making theses things when he is older.  "Strike while the iron is hot!" my parents always said!

The following photos are of some of the pages of this book.  Enjoy!

The two spooking photos are pumpkins my son carved.

Paper Napkin for crow and words.

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Thanks Sally!! your haunted houses are beautiful and also the halloween mini album.. I love the result.. see you tomorrow :) and thanks again for your compliments