Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lisa Bebi's Paint Over class

Lisa giving us instructions.

What a wonderful day we had yesterday. Lisa Bebi came to my home to teach nine of us her Paint Over class that was featured in Somerset Workshop Spring 2008. (She had about a 15 page spread in the magazine.) We were all to bring several canvases and our "inexpensive" paint and photos we wanted to feature on our canvases.

Linda, Kathie and Georgia at printer/scanner

She brought her scanner/printer and also demonstrated how to easily re-size a photo and because of her technique not to be concerned with the pixels. And, most importantly how to use Ink Jet copies.

Diane, Kathie, Jen and Debi

We learned a little bit about painting the flesh colors and shading. There is so much more to learn. Lisa really needed a longer day to impart all her knowledge on this subject. But, she was there to help us and encourage us as we tried something new.

Debi working on a canvas of her mom

Here is Jen working away on one of her compositions. She die three in all. She thoroughly enjoyed her day away from teaching and just relaxed.

Kathie with her husband's dad

Kathie did such a great piece and she was so worried the day before. She took home my Somerset Workshop Mag to look over Lisa's work. We all thought Kathie's was the best even though truly no one was judging. This was a learning time and our first attempt at what Lisa has been doing sucessfully for a very long time.

Elena and her family

Elena had never done anything like this before. She is our scrapbooker extraordinaire and maker/designer of darling chip board books. Plus she is the Traveling Princess!

She thinks she will go outside the box with her canvas and add some dimensional ephemera and glitz and bling to her work. Great job.

On the left is Georgia with the photo of her husband and his twin. Georgia is also a twin. She also was my first teacher where I met her and made my most favorite piece, my Genealogy Doll. We have becomeBFF!

Linda's First Communion

I took a class from Linda in wire wrapping where she is the Queen! Her work has been featured in various altered art magazines. She is currently taking some servious art classes herself and is displaying a mask she created for her class. I unfortunately didn't get a photo of the canvases she was doing in Lisa's class.

On the right is Diane with her baby, Chloe, the pug. She is the Queen of color and techniques. If you need to know how to do something or what are the directions, she's got them. She brought some other wonderful canvases that she made in Chris Cozen's class. Diane also teaches in the San Diego area.

Also present was Bet. I don't have any photos of her canvases. One, I really liked but when I was ready to take a photo she was sanding off the Eifel Tower. The other one of her family, Lisa was working on the flesh colors and giving it a base.

Lisa Bebi and me

Here are the canvases I am working on and are not finished. I couldn't wait to finish them and then post.

The canvas on the right is my natural mom, Irene. She was born in Poland.

The canvas on the left is of my natural father, Joe, (I was adopted). He was very handsome and born in Italy.

This canvas is of me and one of my dollies. I have painted not painted my face yet, nor figured out what I am going to do for the background. I have not glued me down yet. So, truly a work in progress. But, my legs and arms have been painted.


Bet's Crayons said...

Well, that was disappointing! Didn't see any pictures of me or my work!

Neen said...

Wow! I am SO bummed that I had to miss this. Wish I had met you sooner so I could have put this in my art "budget" for April. I hope you have her back again or I find her next class.

Wonderful work from one and all! Great job on taking so many cool pics of everyone playing and enjoying themselves.

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Sorry Bets. Didn't have any photos of Linda's work that day either and only one of Diane's. Between the camera (need a new one)and 10 people at my house, stuff happens.

Colette George said...

Everything turned out so great and how fun!! That Lisa- she's absolutely amazing! I can't wait to learn more about how she does what she does! I hear there are some fun things in the making with her. . .
thanks for sharing Sally!
Best to you and I'll be bahhhhk.

geogems said...

AHHHH, this has to be the 16th comment---15 are in computer hell. I need a CPS system.
What a wonderful, "non fuss" day with a killer lunch and an awesome teacher. I am not able to convey the fun with old friends and some new. (lisa,you're in the club)

Bets, you'll have to put your own up like Linda's GREAT one. I think Lisa was finishing yours and then you had to run out for your class late. Hope you made it.
xoxo geo

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

thankyou so much for putting this together! it was so fun!

jackieb said...

OMG they are WoNdErfuL...I am sooo sorry I missed this...you must share some tips with me.

Great work!

Joelle said...

awwww So Lucky! I wish I could have been there. Do I seriously need to move out there??? You all seem to live on West coast these days. even though we're all creative over here too! ; ) haha

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Not sure what your talking about but I'd so love to meet that sweet creative girl. heck I want to meet you all. I've been in this mommy mode way too long...(I love it all but need to meet other adults! ; )

One day I'll make it to the zine/zone thingies!! haha
Joelle XO