Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leonard Cohen Concert

My son, Erik and me

My children, Erik and Kari, were raised on Alba, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

When Bob Dylan was in town at the Cox Pavilion at SDSU, Kari went with me to see him. We had amazing seats considering he only faced our way throughout the entire concert. He never faced the front where people paid a small fortune and the other side of the Pavilion only side his back side. I think we ate a small Mexican Resturant. Can't remember, but we had a blast.

When Erik told me that Leonard Cohen was going to be in town at the Copley Symphony Hall, I immediately purchased tickets for he and I. (My husband hates Leonard Cohen music - prefers Du op and 50's music even though he is only 1 year older than me).

We decided that we needed to dress up a little for the concert considering the artists and were glad that we did. We went to Kensington for dinner at the Bleu Boheme for dinner. Erik's wife's Christmas party had been there and they thought it was fabulous and it was. It was sauces and French Cuisine. This was unfortunate since it was the 2nd week of my diet program with Lindora (I have since lost 14 lbs!).

Leonard was amazing. He received a standing ovation before singing one song. It started at 8 pm and we got out a 11:30! He came out for 3 encores and played a total 7 addition songs. He is so respectful of his musicians, taking off his Fedora which he wore throughout, when ever one of the other artists were featured.

I did purchase his CD from the London concert but think he did not have this incredible Spanish/Flaminco Guitarist with him in London. His voice has mellowed with Erik prefers. I like his raspy smoker's voice of when he was younger. When he came out he said he was probably the only Jew Zen Budhist we would ever see as a preformer. The evening was everything we hoped it would be. You could hear everyword and understand him. He is a very spry 74ish old man. He also recited some poetry. And each time he left the stage, he skipped!

The photo at the top was taken in our garage before leaving. Not a very pleasant backdrop. I scanned the front of the t-shirt I bought there that said, "Ladies XL" which I can't bet my big toe in but it made a great back drop for the photo, I thought. I then download a Free 14 day trial from Fluid Mask 3 for the cut-out of Erik and myself. I'm not sure I am going to purchase it when the 14 days are up. I didn't think it was any easier than Russel Brown's method demonstrated on his Quick Selection video.

I don't know if this is Leonard Cohen's last tour around the world, but at least we got to see him and enjoyed the concert immensly.


Neen said...

I LOVE Leonard Cohen too. Glad to hear the concert was as great as I thought it would be. THanks for sharing.

So great meeting you yesterday! Are you going to blog about our class?


swenker21 said...

this is so random -- i'm shelly wenker from erik's class at holy redeemer. we are planning a reunion for our class on sept. 3rd. i'm googling classmates we can't find and i found your blog. could you please pass along to erik that we are trying to invite him? glad to see you are well!

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