Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art Meetup at Jackie's - Switch Plates

Light Switch Plate made at Jackie's

It's been a long time since we have gotten to play at Jackie's. Before, we had always been in her garage. But, since her addition downstairs, she has taken over almost the entire 2nd floor of her house for art. It's everywhere! And she shares everything!

The project this month was to make a plain switch plate more attractive with our art. She supplied us all with a typical switch plate. I thought there wasn't enough room for me to create and therefore made mine a lot bigger. A couple of other ladies agreed and followed along with my lead.

What I really loved was seeing all that those who just worked with the actual switch plate and produced beautiful pieces. They can be see on Jackie's blog.

I started with a set of cards I found in Jackie's stash that were designed by Claudia Hellmuth. I cut the two ladies out and then had to find a background(s) to collage with Golden's soft gel. Jane supplied some of her black tape with words to add some contrast. And the piece d resistance was Jane's little pink teapot which she graciously allowed me to confiscate for my canvas. I brought it home to my husband, Ernie, and he cut it in half for me. I love dimensional pieces. The pink frame you see is just for the blog to set it off from the background.

Since I actually don't have any light switches that have this opening like the plate Jackie gave us, I then proceeded to make another plate cover to fit the light switch with a dimmer for my art room. Below is that creating.

Light Switch plate made at home

The best part was getting together with friends that come together at Jackie's to play. Jackie provided refreshments on this hot day and Melanie once again out did herself with her Madeleines made from scratch. I had to have one in spite of my diet. So yummy. Can't wait for next month's Art Meetup!

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jackieb said...

Hey girl if that switch plate doesn't fit any switches in your house, bring it back I'll use it. ha ha

Okay, I know you can "fix it" by covering the hole......darn!!!

After seeing everyone's plates I think I need to work on all the light switches in my house :}