Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leslie Altman's Friendly Plastic Class

Leslie Altman's Sample

I have been wanting to take a Leslie Altman's Class for a long time. I have never worked with Friendly Plastic and had no idea what it was or what you did with it. The class was at Stamping Details and ran from 9:30 until 3 pm. What a wonderful day and a very well-prepared teacher. We really had time to complete all our projects. It's my fault, mine are not all finished.

Below I am showing some of Leslie's samples from her sample board. They are copy protected and can not be used for sales or anything that would make money for you from them. She gave me permission to photograph them and put them on my blog.

Leslie's Pin

Leslie hung a dangle from the bottom of her pin and embedded little seed beads. Click on the image itself and it will open up so much bigger.

The leaves and flowers are from Leslie's silk wallpaper collection.

Above, the hair is designed with Friendly Plastic.

The hair to the left
was created with a hot glue gun.

Below is one of Leslie's "women."

Here are my renditions of some of the many things we made in class. Leslie had already cut the mat board and sprayed gold webbing. We just edged it with gold Krylon pen.

The house shape is a canvas board that Leslie supplied. We just had to add Lumiere paint and gold Krylon pen to the edge. She used the Cesanne font for the message. She created the man and woman in her editing program. The face she provided. It is from a mold and made out of paper clay. We used water color pencils to color the face.

Missing Door on left

To my surprise, my friend, Diane Chen from the stamp company, Pugnacious Stamps was also there. She is the one who helped me and the gal next to me learn how to make the lace look.
Diane had it down pat.

Lace affect used for "hair"

For the pin below the face was supplied by Leslie. It is a classic photo that she has sized and had it heat set laminated. You have to be really careful with the heat gun around the laminate!

A shower hook is colored with gold Krylon and used as a hanger for the pin. How very cleaver!

Pin that I made that needs a dangle

On the right is the beginning of my girl's head with hair made from drizzling hot glue from the hot glue gun. Haven't finished coloring it and it needs to be mounted on a card.

Work in progress with glue gun.

Dress? Above on the left is my first attempt at making a dress. Can you see the bust line, waist, hips? Next, I will have to add a head with hair. That should be exciting.

Tomorrow I will be taking another class from Leslie in "wet media coloring techniques". I am so looking forward to it!

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