Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Fedele

Mary and Salvatore Fedele

Are theses not two of the cutest people you have ever seen? How can they both be so happy? they are Ernie's grandma and grandpa Fedele. They raised 9 kids above the candy store they owned in Rochester, New York. They were both born in the gated city of Gaeta in Italy.

Mr. Salvatore Fedele

Do you see all the damage to this photo? What a lot of work. But, I needed a photo for my online class which the assignment was to restore and colorize a photo.

It took me two full days just to get the lines out of Grandpa Fedele's face and the top part of his suit. (I don't believe it was a pin-striped suit he was wearing). I then cropped just his portion of the photo so that I would have something to colorize and turn in that Sunday night.

The teacher suggest that perhaps I should have just colorized his hat and left his shirt and carnation white. I think I did a horrible job of colorizing his shirt. What do you think about whether the shirt should have been white or pink?

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chelemom said...

What a great photo! I love how you colorized it and wouldn't change a thing!