Friday, February 13, 2009

Aunt Lee's card

Happy Birthday

My natural mother, Irene, had 8 sisters. The youngest living sister, Aunt Lee and my mom shared their birthday date - February 23. I have only met my Aunt Lee one time when I was back at Aunt Chris' home visiting and doing genealogical research. She is just darling and so petite!

As you can see, the card I made for Aunt Lee has a Valentine's Theme. This happened just because her birthday is in the month of February and on my desk I had all these colors already. It's a collage with different papers and finished off with a pink silk ribbon that I found at the Paper Store at the Forum in La Costa. Yes, that's Martha's bird punch. The bird is a really sparkly paper that I also found at the Paper Store. The heart is out of the same paper. There are heart rhinestones across the paper ribbon at the bottom of the card.

On the back of Aunt Lee's card is a memoriam to my mom. "May She Rest in Peace."

I have learned that some of the sisters get together to celebrate their birthdays. There are more than a couple of my Aunts who now reside in Tom's River Cedar Glen, New Jersey. I hope they have a great time getting together. I wish I could be there. By 2010, I will have made a card for each of my aunts. I've already got Aunt Sonie's started!

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Kathie said...

LOVE Aunt Lee's card, and I'll bet she does too!