Monday, October 17, 2011

Sylvia Swenson's "Working With Wire" class

Margo, Sally, Sylvia and Kathie

Last Thursday was the end of a six week "Working With Wire" course that Margo, Kathie and I took from Sylvia Swenson. I had never taken a class from her but Kathie and Margo had and they spoke highly of her teaching techniques, abilities and over all friendliness. I totally concur.

Sylvia Swenson at her table

I had learned what little I knew about working with wire and jewelry from friends like Debi Harvey and Kathie. This had prompted me to purchase some tools with my eye on "cheap" tools - not the best for accomplishing jewelry tasks.

The class was Thursday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm in Point Loma at the Newly built Adult Education Center off Mid Way and adjacent to the JoAnn's down there. There were wire kits to purchase from Sylvia and she always had the materials for us to make what ever project or technique we were learning that particular night.

Samples of Some of our Projects Sylvia Made

We all gathered around her work table at least twice a night for our tutorials as we watched her demonstrate that nights project. She was readily available for questions and brought in many of her own tools for us to use and experiment with using like the tumbler and vise and various ways to twist wires.

The Room where we worked

There was plenty of room and the lighting was fine. The students were all friendly and willing to share what they had created during the week we were at home and on our own. Over all, it was an excellent experience. Sylvia has another course starting in one or two weeks. Plus, in December she will have a series of classes that are on Saturdays.

Here are photos of some class members and their projects:

Talented Students work
Student's name unknown

Same unknown artist name
Crocheted Necklace she made at home

Tammy Lawhead
One of the many friendly students

Tammy's work that she did after class

Close up of Tammy's bracelet

Sarah Petrucci's "Green Stone Adventure" charm bracelet

Kelly Runk's ring she made in another class

Margo at her work bench

Some of Margo's jewelry she made in class

Earrings we learned to make

Some of Kathie's Jewelry she made after class instruction

Little projects I (Silly Sal) made

To learn more about Sylvia Swenson and her classes visit or

Sylvia also gives out a 16 page very comprehensive class syllabub for the class with lots of written instructions.

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Margo said...

Nice post Sally - this is a great way to promote an exceptional teacher. Anyone who wants to learn or improve jewelry making skills should consider taking a class from Sylvia.