Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sally Jean's Oct 2011 classes

Sally Jean's Sample Buckle

This week I moved up to taking two of Sally Jean's five classes. Last year I was a "virgin solderer" and felt challenged to take even one of Sally Jean's classes. But, I need not worried last year or this. Sally Jean is such an attentive teacher and is at your beck and call all day as she circulates.

Sally Jean's classes are held at her BFF's home in Poway. Cheryl's home and the room we have the class in are wonderful. Cheryl is such a great hostess. Sally Jean's provides everything you need including a soldering iron if you forget yours. Lunch is also including along with homemade snacks along the way. Tuesday's Class we had Cheryl's sister Stacy join us for the day. She brought our "afternoon delight", a chocolate trifle dessert, that we were still talking about on Wednesday.

Girls at Work

Alicia at her work place

Close Up of Alicia's Wall Art "in progress"

Sally Jean had a lot of her new merchandise that has been made commercially there for us to "ooh and aah" over and purchase if we chose. I was lucky enough to win one of the two drawings on Tuesday and have my very own Watch Fob and Chain of Sally Jean's. Yea! Nicky won the first door prize in the morning.

I won a Sally Jean watch!

Cheryl also has her hand made elegant necklaces for sale during the week. They are works of Art and to be admired if one isn't going to purchase. Cheryl also has some packaged beads and little "Charlottes" for sale if we wanted to use them in our work. I purchased some and used one of her "charlottes" on my cuff as a center piece.

Silly Sal's Cuff up close and almost finished!

Buckle and Cuff'"s

Here are some of the gal's pieces that were created in Tuesday's Class. The best thing about Sally Jean's classes are her secrets that you only learn from taking her class. There are tips and tricks that you would never guess are involved in making theses projects. That is why you need to take her classes.

Nicky Wilt hold her buckle

Nicky's buckle up close

Michelle Hurt holding her buckle

Michelle's Buckle up close

Pam Munns holding her buckle

Pam's buckle up close

Ann Crutchfield holding her cuff

Ann's Cuff up close

Silly Sal's Cuff from above

Alicia's "Wall Art" almost complete

Twirling Tiny Toe Dancer

Margo below is holding her work in progress. I am sorry. I didn't get a good photo of Sally Jean's Sample. There isn't a chain yet on Margo's work. Darn, Sally Jean is wearing one of Sylvia's "Rosary" necklaces but you can't see the great cross and what makes up the cross in my photo because the necklace isn't hanging flat. . . Wahhhhhh.

Margo holding her "Dancer" and Sally Jean

The necklace that Sally Jean is where in the form of a crucifix was designed and made by our hostess, Cheryl Simpson. I wish I had taken a close up of it. I love all of Cheryl's chains!

Margo's Tiny Dancer in progress

Michelle Hurtt makes the most beautiful hand bound books with the covers out of silver serving trays. We got to see one of them up close and personal! She just finished selling a bunch of her handmade goods at Glitter Fest last weekend!

Michelle Hurtt and her Tiny Dancer

I saw some gals I had met when we took a class at Stamping Details that is not far from where our class was. "Shout Out" to Kim Fernald and Susan Millsom. Great seeing you guys again.

Susan Millsom

Kim Fernald

Next year, I told Sally Jean, I might really splurge and take three of her five days of classes. It is addicting as I see how many of Sally Jean's students are there for all five workshops and travel to be here and stay at local hotels. She is a great teacher.

Silly Sal and Sally Jean

See you Next Year! Hope you all can join me for some more fabulous Sally Jean classes here in Southern California.


Cheryl Simpson said...

Hey Sally,
Love your blog! Thank you for your kind words about Sally Jean's classes at my home. I'm so happy you had a great time! Looking forward to seeing you in March!
Take care,

Cheryl Simpson said...

P.S. The Rosary necklace that Sally is wearing is my creation...just wanted you to know.

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Thanks Cheryl for the info. I need to edit my blog and add that. I am trying my hand at making the chains. Loved all the chains that you had made. I'll try to post soon, what I have been doing since Sally Jean's class that inspired my new creations. So excited.

Cheryl Simpson said...

You are such a busy busy seeing all the classes you have been taking!