Monday, April 4, 2011

Soldering with Suzi Blu and Margo Beatty

I can't remember for sure who first showed me how to solder. I think it was my friend Kathie or else it was Debi. But as far as formal classes go, I have only taken from two artist - Sally Jean and Terri Brush. Both these classes were taken within the past year and I have blogged about both teacher. I found both Sally Jean and Terri Brush's classes valuable to my growth and interested in soldering. But neither of the classes gave me the close up personal instruction that my friend Margo Beatty gave me in my own home with her watching carefully over me and showing me all her personal tricks of the trade that she has finessed. Margo has taught me how to attach a jump ring without fear!

About six minutes into the above video, Suzi interviews me and features some of the pieces I have made that there are also stills shown below.

NOW, you too can have this personal attention from Margo. My two wonderful friends, Margo Beatty and Suzi Blu have teamed up to help you perfect the skills you might already have or to learn how to use those tools (soldering iron) that you purchased in the past and have sat (the tool) lonely on your shelf or in your art/craft drawer. Margo is absolutely amazing. She will hold your hand and take you step by step to some beautiful finished beginner projects. Please check out her class found on Suzi Blu's online class network. Remember, when you take a class from Suzi Blu, you own the video and the PDF's forever. You download them to your computer and therefore, can go back and review them 5 years from now if you choose!

For this class Margo even prepared an EPUB (in addition to the PDF) if you have a mobile device and know how to get it into your phone, iPad or other mobile device. For the Android platform you can use a program for your PC called Calibre that will change an EPUD file to a MOBI file and now you can upload Margo's EPUB to your Kindle App. (Too much info?)

Crown base made in Terri Brush class.
Embellishments were added when I got home.

Crown made at home during a playday with Margo
See what happens when you don't use black backed copper tape?

Currently I am really not into making jewelry. I personally wanted to use my soldering knowledge and add those soldering projects someway to my art and canvases. At the end of the above video you will see some of what I have chosen to do with my soldering. I did learn how to make my initial crown from Terri Brush. But in a huge class like she taught at the Urban Barn in Escondido, CA, there was only so much one on one any teacher can do.

My second crown was done at home after Margo observed, demonstrated and assisted by explaining how I might better from the foundation. The soldering joints ended up so much neater and smaller after practice. Then I decided to include some of my Suzi Blu girls in my art pieces after resizing them in Photoshop. The two crowns I made are not large enough to fit on one's head (I wanted small crowns for "my girls") but look wonderful in my art room.

Above canvas background was made at Elena's Charity Wings retreat "Seaside Soiree" in Oceanside. Liz Hicks directed with new products that gave us this wonderful water background. I then drew my own mermaid when I got home. But, I didn't feel she was complete until I had put one of my own crowns on her.

Glass and technique to make this mermaid Shaker box pendant
was from Sally Jean's Halloween Class
I made this at home during PlayDay with Margo
using my original art

Shrine glass kit was purchased from Sally Jean
My original art Photoshopped

I just realized that my really small crowns can also be charms. Can't wait to do that next week when some of my friends meet at my home for our weekly intimate soldering "PlayDay." There are always new things to discover from all our friends. Keep you eyes and ears open and be ready to find new skills to either discover for the first time or to increase your skill level on old skills.
Above, very small crown charm "work in progress"
Less than 1 inch in width

Again, see the copper when you don't use black backed copper tape

Early soldering work before practicing and having
Margo personally supervise my soldering

Silly Sal concentrating on soldering the branches
in the photo below. What great hangers. But, they need to be blackened.

I learned from Sally Jean that you can solder just about anything!

Beveled Glass 1 inch charms done right!

The above fabric/paper/glass large wall hanging is a work in progress done in KC Willis style. I am doing all the sewing/embroidery by hand since it is a very special piece featuring the only photo that anyone has of my natural mother and father together dressed to the nines at Coney Island Park in New Jersey. When it is completed, I will post the finished project.

*Still need to take a photography class. My camera skills don't seem to be improving.


suzi blu said...

That black cat at the bottom of your blog freaks me out.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

its perfect! I love love love this post!

jackieb said...

I signed up for the class. I am so glad I can use it over and over again. Even though I am lucky enough to have Margo around to help me I will be using the video anytime I want.

Love your little baby crowns.

Good Job!!

Vinod said...
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Poc Art said...

I absolutely love your work. It makes me smile, thank you. Kristie :-)

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