Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Suzi Blu's Portrait class

Sally's almost completed Goddess

Last Sunday at Stamping Details, I think there were 18 persons in class to take Suzi Blu's Portrait class. A bunch of us were there because we are taking either Suzi Blu's The Goddess and the Poet class or her beginner Le Petite Dolls. We wanted to meet her in person and see her in action.

Since there were so many of us (her class was a hit!) Suzi brought along her friend Mara. Mara is a classically trained artist. She can draw faces that look like photos. We weren't exactly doing that but lips are lips and noses are noses and she was such a help to all of us and Suzi.

Sally with Suzi's bday cake

Since the day before was Suzi's birthday, I picked up a sheet cake to surprise her and feed all the females gathered - their sweet tooth! Boy was it sweet. . . A couple of other students who knew her birthday was the day before, brought little gifts. My friend Jackie got her some of the Japanese candy that Suzi mentions in one of her videos, plus a little Tinkerbell necklace. I think she appreciated everyone's thoughtfulness.

Gigi in mama's arms

Where Suzi goes, her baby, Gigi goes too. Those of us who have see her on her YouTube channel or are taking her online classes were all familiar with Gigi. What a sweet little girl. She just wanted to be in her mama's lap. There were so many of us. But she did have her little bed.

We didn't hear Gigi snore.

After drawing our girls, we then worked with our colored pencils doing our shading. After that there were multiple layers of clear gesso, paints, Stewart Gill paints for our eyes, rub-on's and the final coup de grace - flakes of gold leaf.

We all went home with finished projects. Suzi prefered us to work in or on a Moleskine book/page. She likes the purple label since the pages feel and look like butter. It's more like our base color than a pure white piece of paper would be.

Demo to class. One on one demo followed

The most amazing thing was that Suzi came around to each and every one of us and personally showed us either how to draw her eyes or noses or lips. As all good teachers should be, she is so supportive of her students efforts.

My friend Angela and her Goddess

We all got up and ooohed and awed at what everyone was working on or finishing up. 10 to 5 was perfect. We all left happy and hoping that she will start teaching perhaps every two months at Stamping Details in some sort of series. Let's keep our fingers crossed. We are so glad that she has moved to the San Diego area. Thank you Suzi.

One of Suzi's Goddess spreads

One embarrassing moment or day for me. I received the above photo of myself holding the cake with my under-panties showing. (Thank You PhotoShop!) I was so embarrassed. I guess my underwear was hanging out all day. I have to get some new clothes. Hey, if anyone ever sees this happen again - please take me aside and suggest a safety pin!


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

sally it is breathtaking! I absolutely love it!

Nina and/or Ruthie said...

Hi Sally,

I love your girl! Sooo pretty. It's so exciting she's taught you to draw like that.

If I wasn't so busy painting, I'd take that class myself - maybe I'll take it in Sept. when she starts it again. You inspire me!


Kathie said...

Sally, I LOVE your Goddess! We rock!! and so does Suzi Blu...
Missed you today

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Sally, it was a pleasure to meet you; I've heard such nice things about you from Nina (Ruthie). And wasn't Suzi wonderful to us all? I so enjoyed the process ... and the results. I can't wait to take on of Suzi's ONLINE classes next. I'll see you, I'm sure, at another workshop soon. -- Davielle (Davi)

geogems said...

if my underpants hung below my clothes I would praise the angels and saints!!! Congrats on your diet and I know you passed on the cake as you hate sweets.

Your picture is fantastic. I remember you saying..."...I can't draw" well guess what...Suzi helped bring the artist out of you and you are drawing like a pro. KUDOS and love, geo

Bet's Crayons said...

I love your Suzi Blu! You, Kathie and Jackie are all doing so well...glad you're having such a fun time in the class. The girls had their books with them at the ArtMeetUp class on Tuesday...love the faces! Keep up the great work...Hugs, Bet

Euphoria said...

How exciting to meet Suzi Blu!! I loved your painting you shared at book club! I started the Petite Doll class last night and am in love so far!