Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Suzi Blu's Goddess Dolls continued

Good Witches redrawn - in progress

Bad Witch redrawn - in progress

Well, since my Suzi Blu class at Stamping Details, I have been busy. I have found that sketching and drawing and colored pencils are the most relaxing thing I have ever done. It doesn't matter if my girls aren't perfect - I am having so much fun. Be sure to check out Suzi Blu's online class!

On my own - two page spread

Blondie - finished

You saw the two page blonde spread that I did in class on my previous blog. Well above is the new "red head" along with a finished "Blondie" all in my little moleskine. Amazing, until I scanned it and posted it, I did not see how off center the "girl with red hair"'s lip is. Very interesting. Still lots to learn and practice, practice, pratice!

And then, Elena of Scrapbook Royalty saw my girls and loved them. She asked me to draw a "Good Witch" and a "Bad Witch" for a charily event she is having next March. I told her I am a total novice but she said, no problem, she had confidence in my ability.

there wasn't much time because Elena needed something in 3 days for a logo to put it up on her website. Well, I thought I was finished with something she could use and sent it to her. She called me that night and wondered if I had forgotten something - like hair. . . and then she said she would also like the background to be a rainbow.

The "Hairy" Good Witch

Talk about adding hair after the fact and at 11 pm at night. I went a little crazy and where before they had no hair but were beautiful, now they have really had HAIR! Well, that gave Elena something she could put up on her website right away. But I think I have something so much better for her that I will finish this week so she can replace my original "hairy girls" in her logo for the event. Then I will have plenty of time to create the same new faces on two 9x12's that will be dimensional.

The drawings of the new "girls" are the first three drawings at the top. Again, seeing them scanned and on my screen, I can see things I am going to change before I finish putting colored pencil on their faces and then painting them and cutting them out. They will have wings and things and be on a 9x12 canvas each.

From just doing this blog, I have learned that I should always scan everything and look at my work with fresh eyes. I'm not sure why I can see mistakes when scanned and not see them when looking directly at them. Of course, the girls have the soulful eyes that Suzi Blu teaches and will have flowing hair. The good witches hair is still mystifying me. It's not right yet, but getting there. At least the cocker spaniel dog ear hair is gone. . .

The "hairy" bad witch

I feel the hairy "Bad Witch" above looks mean and angry and old. My new bad witch is more youthful looking. I appreciate any opinions you might have. I'm not looking for compliments. I am looking for constructive criticism.

Again, this is all so new to me and exciting. I feel I am so "out of my comfort zone" but enjoying the challenge. I can't wait to complete the new logo and then I will have plenty of time to work on the two canvas and produce something that I truly am proud to display at Elena's event next year.


Alisa Burke said...

Hello Sally!! Thanx for the comment on my blog regarding the Anti Scrapping class- I am aware of all the alternative scrappers out there but I am taking the concept to another level with my own "Alisa Burke twist"- combining fine art with preserving memories-I understand it may not be for everyone but am excited to offer some fun ideas ;)

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

you are so funny! i love them all! can't wait to see the final product!

Kathie said...

I like the current bad witches "elvis snarl" gggg

they are all great!!!

Anonymous said...

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