Saturday, June 20, 2009

Queen for a Day!

Elena of SCRAPBOOK ROYALTY had a party for her Volunteers at the PAPER SOURCE. They had a contest where everyone voted who should be crowned QUEEN.

Guess who won?

Queen for a Day

We had such a GREAT TIME. The management went all out with the make-n-takes had set up for all of us. Plus, they took us on a tour of everything they have and offer at the PAPER SOURCE.

Sally, Elena and Kat

After the party, a lot of the group went to BUCCO DE BEPPO for dinner family style. Elena being the hostess with the most-est had pre-ordered the meal.YUMMY!

I had to decline. Twice in one week being temped by large portions of delicious food while on my diet, was just too must for me. SOON, I'll be able to go out and eat anything as long as I watch my portions and my over-all in take of carbs. WAHHHH.

Volunteers and their Leader

Sally and Georgia

Sandy and Debbie


jackieb said...

Great pictures. Love the blog!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

it was awesome! now how did you do that cut out?!?!?

Neen said...

Hey girl - you look skinny in these pics! Congrats on sticking to your diet.. I know it ain't easy. Love the remodeling of your blog too - that's two new makeovers!