Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Background and Banner

Well, Jackie found a new place for backgrounds and so I visited and loved them. After choosing a new background, my banner was way to bright. So, PhotoShop to the rescue.

I had taken a bunch of random shots of things (Garden Art, etc.) in my garden a couple of weeks ago. So I started playing around and in no time came up with my new banner.

The banner is composed of three different photos - the background and two items I extracted from other photos (the bird house and the rabbit). I then had to change the hue to go with my new background.

I think it all looks great - but it is not really me - way to calm, but more pleasing to view. Now what do I do with the photo of me and my two kids - way to bright. Maybe posterize us? Then there is the side banner which states "Family is Everything." Also the wrong hue of pink.

Check out the new place to get backgrounds. They are awesome. Just click on the subtle ad up in the left corner to go to their website or this link. I believe on this site she states she is a artistdesigner from Finland living in Los Angeles. Her name is Itkupilli! Check out her website and all she has to offer.

While Jackie was fooling around, she helped Georgia and her blog and now Georgia has a cook background that I just love and a banner. Jackie is the best!


jackieb said...

Sally your background and elements looks beautiful....I like how you softened it with photoshop...such an expert...lovely.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

I changed my blog and I love it!!