Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day at Kari's

My kids - Erik and Kari

What a fun day. Kari' just purchased last year in the fall a 2 bedroom Townhouse in Torrey Highlands, just east of Carmel Valley. She finally has some furniture and decided that she would host the first family get-together at her new place. She met us at the front door in the apron I had gotten her last year when the Short Sale after months and months, had finally gone through. Since she is so tiny, it wrapped around her like a skirt!

She and Shannon talked over the menu and such and decided on this shrimp recipe that Shannon had fixed at her place and Kari had liked. It needed to be a dinner that could be cooked in the kitchen since Kari does not have a BBQ. The shrimp was perfect for my diet since it wasn't fried. She boiled it in all sorts of spices and then had a great dipping sauce that had horseradish sauce as part of the ingredients. It was nice and spice but not too hot.

Shannon and Erik brought fresh strawberries from the fields in Oceanside to put over Angel Food Cake for dessert with choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Shannon and kari checking out her spices.
Note the apron that looks like a skirt.

We had yet to celebrate Shannon's birthday and so I planned on surprising her with a dessert I thought she would like (Shannon really doesn't like desserts). The day before I made a Key Lime Pie from scratch that was very light and airy. (Squeezed 10 likes for 1 cup of fresh lime juice!) Well, dunb mom - me - I forgot Shannon's present. So she still doesn't know what I got her for her birthday. I did send her pie home with her for either freeze or finish up when ever.

Shannon getting some Key Lime Pie

This is the first time we have all been gathered around Kari's dining room table. The table looked so pretty with her red dishes.

The dinner was a success. It all tasted delicious. Nothing was burnt or not correct. We all thanked Kari for having us to her new home and she thanked Shannon for being her right hand person. We took photos and then, since it was a Sunday, and people had to get to work the next day, we all went home with happy tummy's.

Shannon, Erik, Kari and me

I tried to use a filter on some of the photos that were blurry. I need a NEW camera with the anti shake!

Erik and me chilling

Ernie and me out in front

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geogems said...

GO KARI (and her side chef). What a beautiful setting. Can't wait to get invited for my dinner. (there really was room at the table and you missed me for the surprize party.)

Sal, check out my blog site...geo