Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lisa Bebi and Karen O'brien's classes continued

Sally's work in progress canvas

Things are really popping at my house getting ready for Julie Prichard's online class. She is up to 135 people taking this class. Wow! Good for her. I can hardly wait. It starts tomorrow, May 18! Be sure to visit her website and see what it is all about.

Two of my friends will be taking it also, Diane Chen and Nina Reeba (Ruthie from David, Shelly and Chainsaw fame). We will be getting together on Tuesday to go over and continue what we will have learned from Julie's first video.

Deborah and Kathie

In the mean time, I have finally gathered photos from the play day where 6 of us got together to continue working on what we did in Karen O'brien's class. Deborah Truesdale and Diane and I had taken the class together at Stamping Details (Nina was sick and was suppose to be here with us.). Deborah had the best memory of the directions and had already been working at home on what she learned. Her pages were great and I am so sorry I don't have any photos of her pages.

Kathie's finished canvas

Kathie Gillaspey came and finished her work on her Lisa Bebi's canvas. I loved what she did with a photo of her husband's father (grandfather?).

Hilari says "Attitude is Everything!"

And surprise, surprise, Hilari Ford took a rather long lunch break to join us in the afternoon. I got out a project Bets and I had gotten at a make-n-take at Del Mar Expo and brought stuff out for her to play with and have her own make-n-take. Be sure to visit Hilari's Esty shop.

Georgia, Hilari and Diane

Georgia came with Deborah and finished working on her Lisa Bebi canvas of her husband and his twin.

Georgia's canvas

I have found that even though my table opens way out and we had 10 around it for Lisa's class, that painting - 4 is the best and 6 is the max around this table. In fact when last Thursday, Diane came to play and paint, the two of us took up the entire table!

Diane holding Chloe

This week I get to play at Jackie's because I missed her Art Meetup at her house. I hope my doll heads get here before Thursday. If not, I have a plastic doll head that Bets and I got at Zinnia's when we had our road trip last year where it rained and I got a speeding ticket for going really fast. Jackie says I'll just paint the plastic face and alter it. She had a really cute one she did. Be sure to visit her website. She always has fun things there.

Here are some of the background canvases I have created, but are not finished, using Karen's techniques. I hope you can see all the texture. I did 10 canvases (five pages) in all. Now they need some collage and finishing touches.

"Baby gone a bunting"


Deborah Truesdell said...


Your pages turned out great!! You did an excellent job with them and that was such a fun day!


Just call me Silly Sal said...

Thanks Deborah. Now I need to finish them. See if you can play on the 29th.

Carmen said...

Love that first canvas you posted here! Yum!

I'm loving Julie's class.... color me jealous that you have buddies to "study hall" with!!! ;)

See you in home room!