Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Erik and Shannon's kitchen with Kari

Wow, is my family good to me, once again, for my birthday! First off, we had my birthday party at Erik and Shannon's in Oceanside. Ernie and I finally got to feast on their Prime Rib which they dry aged themselves in their own refrigerator. It was wonderful. Kari was also there to help in the kitchen.

Erik bringing in the cake with Kari holding door.

Then, dessert ablaze! Shannon and Kari decided to put all 64 candles on my cake. The dinner was finished off with Erik making Cafe Latte's for everyone. And the present, which is for my birthday this year, Christmas and Mother's Day next year, from the entire family including Ernie and Todd, was a 40 inch Sony Bravia and BluRay player for my computer/art room. Yea! (I only wanted a little 32 inch flat screen but, I'm not complaining.

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