Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goals for 2009

Today, I got another of Sommerset's publications - "Life". In it were some ideas to contemplate for 2009. They were penned by artist Becky Shander. She is going to try to seek every day to:

* listen truly

* smile often (I kind of have that down, right?)

* practice patience (I am an extremely patient person, but not at home nor with loved ones. Only strangers).

* avoid greed (I am not greedy, but I do carry around a lot of resentment). I will try to work on that. There is a favorite quote that puts me and my attitude in perspective: "Expectations are plannned resentments." So, in a nice voice, I need to start letting people know what I expect of them before I get angry and don't understand why they aren't mind readers.

* maintain balance - the last line of editor Jenny Doh's letter to Sommerset readers is "And by doing all the above, perhaps we find the secret to maintaining balance.

Let's see how long I can try to consciously and deleberatly better my life and those who I am in contact.

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laura said...

Your blog is fantastic. I enjoy all the family pictures and info.
The artistic design is tremendous and so eye-pleasing. Keep up the great work. Thanks Sally.