Monday, December 29, 2008

Down Memory Lane

This year, I decided to use a photo from my dad, Harry Keller's stash of negatives, but, how to use it? My friends said I needed to make a black and white card - but, a total black and white card wasn't me or Ernie for a Christmas card. So, I took their idea and mounted it all on a really great red linen card stock from Kelly Papers. I got the last of this background fabric from JoAnn's - so 1/2 the cards have dots and then I went back and got a black and white striped fabric that worked just as well. 100 cards in all were made.

This particular card was my sample so the fabric is a little catawampus and the Swarovski crystal rhinestones are not showing up. The Swarovski crystal rhinestones really made a difference and made the card sparkle. Sloppy zig-zag stitching seems to be all the fashion so I just zoomed along with my old sewing machine.

On the inside, I had a little story that told people what the photo on the front was and a little history of what was sitting right in front of the tree. Here is what it said:

I found this very old 2"x4" negative in my dad, Harry Keller's "stuff". In 1923 my dad was 25 years old and living at home. This is actually my grandparent's home on Kostner Ave. in Chicago.

After coverting the negative in PhotoShop and brightening up the very dark photo, I noticed a vacuum cleaner in the foreground and decided to do some research.

I found on the web that in 1923 the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner cost $75 with a down payment of $5. The same year a new Ford cost $300.

Today, would you pay about one thrid of what a car cost for a vacuum cleaner?


This is the stamp I used on the right side of the card. The stamp is made by Inkadinkado.

Here is photo of our Christmas tree this year, 2008.

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