Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When the Cat's Away, the MICE WILL PLAY

August 18, 2008

That's right. My DH, Ernie, had to go to Glendale to supervise a project. He left on Sunday afternoon. That night, my DD, Kari, took me to see Mamma Mia. What fun.

Fun? You don't know "Fun!" The next morning the "mice" began to show up for 2 days of "Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll" - NOT!

It was 2 days of Tracy Bunker's "Uber Self-Protrait." I had taken Tracy's class at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, in August 2006. I believe ti was the first time she had taught this class and it was the hit of that years AU. It was a one day class. The "mice" were going to take at least two days or more.

First "mouse" to arrive was Debi from Oceanside at 9:30 am. I checked her supplies and found I had to run back to Kinko's to make some changes to what she had brought. Debi stayed and guarded the fort and played hostess while I was gone.

Debi's work in progress

Georgia was next to arrive. She also lives in Oceanside. After I returned from Kinko's, Bets from Kearny Mesa, arrived about 11 a.m. By 3 o'clock, the only working "mouse", Kathie from down the street, had arrived.

Georgia's portrait in progress

The Project

Take a photo of yourself. Cut it in quarters. Blow each quarter up to about an 8x10. Apply acrylic paint to each quadrant while not looking at your previous quadrant. (Are you keeping up with me?) Tape the four 8x10's back together. Glue then to a 16"x20" canvas. Continue painting and collaging until the canvas is full. Wella! Pop Art. . .

Silly Sally's work in progress

Not everyone decided to follow the exact directions. No big deal. The idea was to get together, eat and have fun. And, we did.

Bets' self- portrait in progress

Drinks? Kathie provided the Margaritas. Georgia didn't drink. She does "drugs".

Happy Days are Here Again

Desserts that evening there was Bets' delicious chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting with little Hershey's Chocolate bars on top. To the left you see Bets "getting into" her cupcakes. I made the 50's Lemon Jello sheet cake. Both served with as much as you want Cook Whip. Yummy.

Look at Georgia. She appears to have really gotten into the desserts also.

Yes. There was also real food for sandwiches, tons of chips, dips and munchies, diet Dr. Pepper, diet decaffeinated Pepsi, ice tea, etc. etc. Bets made fresh salsa and Debi brought her homemade chili dip.


Georgia and Bets spent the night with Georgia sleeping in "The Cat's "New Recliner and Bets playing musical beds and ending up at 4 am in the family room on the couch next to Georgia.

Kathie showed up in time for the cook (me) fixin' crisp bacon, OJ and my "aunt's" Danish Thin Pancake's. (The day before there were homemade Cranberry Scones and Applesauce Cinnamon Strussel Cupcakes made by "Moi". Debi came right after breakfast.

The weather as always was gorgeous. Tuesday we actually took a little time off from our art and sat outside on my patio in the afternoon and just relaxed.

Finished Projects

Kathie's Metal Embossed house

Debi, Georgia, Silly Sally and Bets (almost done. . .)

So much fun and so many memories. And stories? Oh my! Next time, be there or be square!


Jen Lowe said...

Oh! How I wish I lived in San Diego and could come play with all of you!!! One of my trips out....I am NOT going to teach anything....we are just going to play! LOL!

Please tell Bets to bring her cupcakes to the recipe box/swap class! They will go with my box just perfect!!!

See you soon!


jackieb said...

WEll Ladies you look like you were having fun and the art is fanTASTIC!!! Wish I could have been there. I am pretty much packed and ready to hit the road at 8am tomorrow for Pleasanton, Trying to decide if I should take my computer or not...figure I won't have time so I will just wait to blog until I get home. If Deb wants the typewriter I will LUG it out. ha ha
Take care, more soon.

Kathie said...

Hey Ms. Silly --

We did have some fun, didn't we?

Let's do it again!


Anonymous said...

HI Sally!

I love your blog! I can't believe I didn't know about it! Seems like Kathie forgot to send my margarita, though.

Bet's Crayons said...

I LOVED the P.J. Party...what a great group of party animals! Never a dull moment! So much creative genius in one room was sheer madness! LOL I was happy to be a part of it all...

Looking forward to a visit from J-Lo...and, YES, I'll bring my cupcakes! A girls gotta have her chocolate!

xox Bets