Monday, October 5, 2015

More Specialized Greeting Cards by SillySalCreates

Card Sent to Best Friend's Daughter
after her son, Jake, was born

I have sold two of my cards with envelopes on Etsy for $20.  Plus I have sold three of my cards also for $20 to my cleaning lady.  But, I haven't sold any more.  When I go to my stats on Etsy, it looks like no one is even going to my shop.  When I try to look for my cards on Etsy I put in Greeting Cards, Blank and there are so many, I can't even find my cards to view unless I go directly to my shop at  I have also pinned all my cards to a Board on Pinterest that identifies the board as cards I have created.

I think my cards are too expensive no matter how much work I have put into them.  It was suggested that I should have a sale. That everyone likes a sale. Not sure how to do that either.  I am looking for any advice or help that you can offer me.  I am also looking for criticism.  How much would you pay for one of my cards?

As you can see from the first two "Baby Announcement" Cards, it does make a difference on how you photograph your card.  Neither photograph looks like the card I am holding in my hand.  Plus, truly, all the cards look spectacular in person.  This "Baby Announcement" is one of my best, but it isn't photographed right to show anyone how beautiful and how much depth the card has.  To be fair, non of the photos in this blog did I use my light box.  All the photos on my Etsy Shop, I did use my light box.  Big difference!

"It's a Boy" is just at it's very beginning.  I will make one for "It's a Girl" also.

"Baby Announcement" Card in Progress

"Baby Announcement" Card Finished

"It's A Boy" Announcement Card in Progress
My DH, Ernie, built me a light box.  That is where I have taken all the card photos that appear in my Etsy Shop.  The Cards that are displayed in this blog, I took with my Note4 and then uploaded them to PhotoShop 6S and played with the different corrections you can make in this program.

The two photos of the card below were made and sent to one of my best friend, Julie, when her mother died at age of 95.  I used some of my Anna Griffin backgrounds papers and floral enhancements that I purchased on HSN.  I am so looking forward to going to Anna's first weekend event in November at Buckshead, Georgia.  Should be so much fun!

Sympathy/Thinking of You Card
I made for one of my Best Friend's
Mother's Death

"Ready to Mail" in special envelope
I make to fit each card

I also think I am going to be more specific when I design my cards.  Hopefully, that will narrow the selection on Etsy.  For example, I am in the process of making Baby Announcement Cards.  Also, one specifically for a little boy baby and am starting to work on one for a little girl announcement.  I think I can do Thinking of You, Thank You or Sympathy Cards.  I have made two Happy Birthday Cards. Also for sale on Etsy is a specific card that I think came out great for someone's 70th Birthday.

70th Birthday Card
Dark Brown Bottle Cap
says "Boston Old."
As you can see,  some of my cards were made for specific friends and their circumstances.  

I sure hope you will take the time to visit my Etsy Shop and pin one/some of my cards on Pinterest.  If someone sees it on Pinterest, there is then a link to my Etsy Shop.  Thank you so much.
Birthday Card with Cupcake

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