Friday, September 26, 2014

New Born Baby Mini Book

The Cover

Those who know me know that I usually have a PlayDay once a week at my home.  The "girls" who come to play delve into a variety of mixed media art including jewelry making, scrapbooking, kumihimo etc. - whatever sparks our imagination that week.

Yes, it keeps opening

One of the players in our regular group (Magda Cortez) creates amazing mini photo albums.  In her previous life she was an engineer.  We watch her create theses structures right before our very eyes.

Both sides opened

She had just come back from a cruise to Alaska and was showing us her latest.  I loved it.  She had also brought me the pad of Graphic 45 Baby paper that I wanted to use for my up coming grand baby. 
Right Side opened further

Before I knew it Magda had made the base for this book and left me her travel book as a sample.  At first I was overwhelmed with the paper and the realization that I had to put the paper together myself. My dear playday friend, Kat Baker, reassured me that I could do this and insisted that I get started right away and I did.  She reassured I couldn't go wrong with paper selections since Graphic 45 had already made sure everything worked together.  How right Kat was.

Little tag is what Michelle Hurtt made for all of us when we took Debby Anderson's Jewelry Class at Michelle's new studio.  I just added a ribbon and a bird.

Bottom Middle opened once

Magda has been gone for a couple of weeks and has not see my finished product.  Even with her sample in front of me, there is so much going on with her books that I really had to get my brain working and to remember to measure twice and cut once. . .

Bottom opened again to display an accordion wallet

I can't wait to have photos to put into the book once the baby is born.  Very exciting time for the family.  I love to make projects that have a purpose.  I seem unable to do art just because I want to play.  Very project oriented.  Hope you like the finish work of love.


Kat Baker said...

Your finished book is truly a work of art, and made of love! Sally, without question, you have tremendous talent!

Anonymous said...

I love this project Sally. You did a great job and I can tell put a lot of time and love into it. Congratulations on your soon-to-be granddaughter!
Tara Brown