Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kat Baker, Elena and Ice Resin

Copied Kat's Project She Made in Ice Resin Class

I was unable to go to CHA this year and gave my ticket to my friend, Robin Sanchez.  (Check Robin out on Pinterest - Wow!)  I was able to view Elena's live broadcast from CHA and support her charity - Charity Wings.

I purchased raffle tickets and I won three of the prizes to my surprise.  I have already blogged about my win at CHA in my March 17, 2013 Blog.

Well, the product I won that I needed help with was the Ice Resin and embossing powders.  At one of my weekly "playdays", Kat showed up with a bracelet and a necklace she had made in an Ice Resin class she took at Elena's new facility in San Marcos.

We all loved her results, but I was the only one who already had the supplies - just didn't know what to do with them.  Kat and I scheduled a playday at her home.  It took the better part of the day to get everything ready and decide what I was going to do.

We broke for lunch and I treated Kat for her birthday to lunch at Panera's and then followed it up with some art supply shopping at Aaron Brother's where I purchased PanPastels at 50% off!

The Ice Resin product takes a couple of days to really dry properly and so the following week, Kat brought my pieces to my house for my weekly playday and we did some jewelry stuff.  I now have two bracelets and some pieces to use in my art in the future.

It was fun and I am so glad Kat shared her knowledge and skills with me.  Thank you Kat and Happy Birthday again.

(My photos of my results do not do the product justice.  Truly they look amazing in person!)

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Kat Baker said...

Sal, Your bracelets are beautiful. Ice Resin and Ice Enamels are so fun. This bracelet idea came from a class taken from Jen Cushman. I loved our day together. Hope we can do it again. Now we have to learn how to use our Pan Pastels. xo Kat