Sunday, March 17, 2013

Score with Charity Wings Raffle at CHA and Ice Resin

This year I was unable to go to CHA 2013.  I registered but when the time came, I had other commitments and was very sad to miss this event and being with my friends.

But, I did participate from afar through Elena Lai Etcheverry and her Charity Wings three day event at CHA. I purchased raffle tickets to support her charity and "yea" once again won three great prizes for three of her vendors supporting her cause.  

One of the vendors was Flora Crafts and a huge box came filled with decorative  and wire, styrofoam, mesh and straw wreaths.  A bundle of stuff.

Floral Craft Burlap Ribbon

Floral Craft Colorful Mesh Runners

I also got some great small stamps from a company called Fun Stampers Journey.  Plus, they included some delicious greeting cards they had already made.

Fun Stampers Journey Stamps

Fun Stampers Journey Valentine Cards

But, the best raffle prize was from Ice Resin and Jen Cushman and Susan Lenart Kazmer and their products.  They did a huge demo at Elena's both which I saw.

EXPLORE, CREATE, Resinate by Jen Chushman

Last week the first of the products arrived.  There was Jen's book "Explore, Create, Resinate", and Susan Lenart Kazmer's book "Making Connections".  Plus, there was a heart that was made at Elena's booth along with a chain ready to wear. 

Making Connections by Susan Lenart Kazmer
 In and of its self that would have been enough.  But, "NO" Susan and Jen went overboard.  A couple of days later another small box arrived containing the products pictured below including:

Ice Resin - the products

Iced Enamels Relique.  Colors - Ivory, Chartreuse and Rasberry
5 packages of Susan's ART MECHANIQUE Silhoettes 
4 packages of Susan's ART MECHANIQUE Bezels, large and small

WOW.  Jen's book tells me how to use the Ice Resin Product that is listed under Susan Lenart Lazmer's name.  I can't wait for my weekly "playday" to show all my artist friends theses products and for us to play.  

Thank you Ice Resin, Flora Crafts and Fun Stampers Journey for my prizes and "Thank You" Elena for theses wonderful raffle prizes.

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Robin Sanchez said...

Sally your the luckiest person I know!!

I have been wanting to try this product. I have the resin but need to find or make some bezels to use