Monday, March 18, 2013

Sally Jean's Jackalope Journal Book

or "How to Mount your Rabbit".

March 13, 2013 I once again set off for Cheryl Simpson's beautiful home and Sally Jean's Jackalope Journal Book.  My car was packed the night before 'cause I was ready!

Sally Jean always remarks how her students trust her so much and know they will learn new things.  Once again, when we signed up for the class, we had no idea exactly what the project would look like.  We are always happily surprised when we arrive and see the finish project waiting for us.  This was no exception.  We all were thrilled to see what we would be creating this day.

Sally Jean's Jackalope Book
We learned some really kool techniques which I don't share with you on my blog.  That is what we take Sally Jean's classes for and all her students are very protective of Sally's creative ideas that no other teacher seems to come up with (I know, don't end a sentence with a preposition. . .)
Pam with her book
Close up of Pam's Book
We were only told to bring little books about 6 inches tall and our soldering gear along with our cookie sheet.  Sally Jean had our little kits ready for us and they were little but all we needed.  She supplies wire, flux, a torch (which we used for the first time with a new technique) and the Cordless Dremel 8200 and anything else specific to this project that we might need like wire, tape, etc.

Rita Reade brought a book that she chose to cover with paper first and then work with that theme.  So you don't need a vintage book to have fun!

Lovely Rita Reade of Vintage Market Place
Rainbow Springs
Rita's Book up close
There were a lot of demonstrations this time around and once again Sally Jean went over making soldering balls.  (By the time I finished with my balls I was getting pretty good).  This only proved that we really should practice some of these techniques before applying them to our final project.
Michelle Hurtt of Glitter Fest fame
Gathered around the teacher
Oops, didn't get her name. . .
Unknown Artist from above's work in progress
Here are more of the gals who gathered at Cheryl's for Sally Jean's class and their Jackalope Journals in progress.
Karle holding her Jackalope
Not everyone had a 6" book to work with
Lou Ann at her work station
Tiffany Smith with her blue Jackalope
Lunch was in Cheryl's beautiful backyard where we got to reacquaint ourselves with old friends and learn about new friends and their interests.  When we arrived there was fresh fruit cut up for us and an apple coffee cake.  After lunch for our afternoon pick me up there was Cheryl's "Next Best Thing To Robert Redford" (at least that is what it was called in the 70's!). 
Earrings purchased from Cheryl
I also purchased one of Cheryl's earrings she had made and a wonderful little vintage photo   album that, of course, I have no idea what I will do with. . .

4" x 5" Vintage Photo Album
Interior of Vintage Photo Album
Like always, I am disappointed with myself that I didn't also sign up for Sally Jean's two day Bug Class that my good friend Robin took.  I am hoping that she will post photos of her project and Sally's on her website.
My work in progress
I had this great book to use - just the right size.  I don't know if you can see my "balls" around my jackalope. By the time I finished with them, I was getting good at them.  Still a lot more "balls" to add to my bustier that holds my jackalope.  Plus, I have to complete my collage work for the top piece of glass and re-tape my bottom two pieces of glass and then attach the glass with this great method Sally Jean taught us!

Can't wait for Sally Jean to return and see what new ideas she has in store for us.  Great Class and Great Artists!
Sally Jean looks great and I am just plain tired!

The top banner on my book says, "Whisper" and then under that it says, "Who are you?"  The next straight banner asks, "What it's name".  And the last straight banner states, "Delighted to see you sir."
Silly Sally's Jackalope Book
Silly Sally's Jackalope
out of it's bustier
I now see a big mistake I made. . .  Oh, well.  Next book.  Once again not being carefully enough.  When will I learn?!


Rita said...

Nice! Thank you for sharing

Robin Sanchez said...

Love your Jackalope Journal. I did a post for my Dead Bug Society box. Check it out.

Her name is Debbie - I sat next to her - and she's from Oxford England for Sally's classes.

Anonymous said...

Sally, what a great blog post! Of course Sally Jean looks great, she always does. I wish I'd been in the Jack a lope class, I love all of the books that you girls made. And I wish you'd been in the bug class, we had a ball! Great pics!

The Equation Book said...

I am very excited to see your attractive post.It's full of lovely creativity.Keep it up

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Love your bug box and bugs. They look even better in person. Thanks for sharing with me in person.

Also, thanks for Debbie's name. She was so very nice.

Margo said...

I'm so sorry I missed this class - I don't plan on missing any more. I loved how your project turned out & it looks soooo good. Your solder balls looks so professional! Beautifully done!

Margo said...

I'm so sorry I missed this class - I don't plan on missing any more. I loved how your project turned out & it looks soooo good. Your solder balls looks so professional! Beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Silly Sal!
just founf your blog! your Jackalope Book came out really cool! nice dots!