Saturday, February 9, 2013

PlayDay at Jackie's

First Suitcase I ever collaged

For  a couple of years I have been trying to have a playday at my home every week for my friends where we work on whatever art projects we are trying to finish.  It could be jewelry, soldering altered art, painting, collaging - you get the picture.

Towards the end of last year, a couple of people had expressed an interest in the playdays being more structured.  My dear friend, Georgia Lichon who lives in Oceanside, has a playday once a week at her home that is very structured.  The group gets together and decides what projects they are going to work on.  The ideas for their projects can come from the arsenal of Somerset's Magazines.

That has worked for them for a couple of years but was a little too structured for the group of gals "playing" at my home.  But, I came up with a work around.  Our eclectic wonderful friend, Jackie Baxted, had for a while had a playday once a month at her home where she kind of directed a project and supplied a lot of the items to be used by her friends.  Plus, she had opened her home to teachers and the area was perfect for this sort of thing.

The idea was born that starting in January 2013, that one of us in this group would devise a project and lead the activity at Jackie's.  No money involved and lots of times it might be something we had learned in a class we had taken and just wanted to share the experience with our friends but in a group setting.  We always share  the name of the teacher from whom we either learned the technique or lesson.  Credit is always given!

The first month, Georgia led the group.  It involved sewing by hand, cloth, and Milagros type dolls that Georgia had available. The day was a success and I have seen some of the final Milagros that my friends created under the guidance of Georgia.  I was unable to attend and it was my loss.
February was the month I had volunteer to lead the group.  I had two items that I had finished over 10 years ago when I was just starting out to explore the right side of my brain and the world of art for the first time.  I took a class at The Stamp Addict in La Mesa from a person who later became a friend - an amazing teacher who can do just about anything - Tammie Moore. The class she taught was turning your old suitcase  of any size into a work of art to carry or house your art supplies or what ever you so desire.  Essentially,  we were just collaging, but for me this was very challenging.  She provided suitcases for us to purchase and I got two.  She also provided scrapbook papers and magazines to tear up for us to use.  I had never collaged before.  It's amazing that these two suitcases have become my pride and joy!  Plus, they are so different. How could I impart what I learned from Tammie?
Other side of first suitcase
Well, the supplies were easy.  I told everyone to bring a suitcase and either Modge Podge or Golden's Gel Medium or something to glue down paper to the suitcases and seal the top.  I suggested that in advance they decide on a color pallet or a subject for the collage or they could just "wing it." 
Top of my first suitcase
 I brought my two completed suitcases to show and demonstrate how they were totally different.  Everyone jumped right in.  There were eight of us.  The best part of projects like this is what we learn from each other and how we see others interpreting the project and it's outcome.  
Second suitcase I did

Top of second suitcase
Mary, loves to travel.  She has been collecting for a long time travel labels  She decided to cover her suitcase both front in back with theses labels in more of a linear fashion rather than just hap-hazard. It will be fun to see if she goes further with her project.  It looked great as it was.  
Mary's Travel Case
Kat had decided on a Marilyn Monroe theme.  She chose to cover her little suitcase with beautiful paper Kathie G. had brought to share with gold foil and rich green and blue colors.  She would have been a lot further along before we disperse if she hadn't realized that after "fussy" cutting (a term we have acquire from Magda Cortez) an infamous photo of Marilyn with her skirt flying up, that she had glued it on upside down.  It wasn't funny.  In the end, she covered it and felt she could find another photo of this particular pose again and still use it.  In the meantime, she continued.
Kat's Marilyn Monroe Case
Magda purchased a 50's makeup case from Jackie and began to work on her background collage.  Her theme is SteamPunk and had amazing ideas using die cuts and Tim Holtz's alcohol inks to create a one of a kind carrier that reflects Magda's imagination using scrapbook supplies in new and exciting ways.  She teaches both in stores and online and has taught internationally in Mexico and Spain.  Check out her blog.  She has an amazing number of followers internationally.  Magda speaks perfect English and by profession is an Engineer.  She is precise in her designs and we have been privileged to watch her create before our very eyes some of the most intricate little books.  I believe in the near future she will be offering her classes and tutorials in both Spanish and English.  Be sure to visit Magda's blog "Axes Designs" to see more of her finished SteamPunk suitcase.
Magda's  make-up case in progress

Magda's completed make-up case
Jackie also worked on a 50's makeup case.  Her theme appears to be a color.  She started with a bright hot pink/red case.  Since she was the hostess, she made sure we were all comfortable and when we ordered lunch, she went and got it for us.  She still managed to get her case finished!
Our hostess, Jackie

Jackie's almost finished

Kathie G. brought a suitcase and elegant papers from Dick Blick to share with us all.  Her suitcase is a vibrant pink and vintage creams.  The overall appearance is beautiful.  Both Jackie's, Kathie's and Debbie's made me wish I had worked with brighter colors for my collage background.  I do not know if Kathie is going to put other images over her background or go with the suitcase just as it is - beautiful.

Kathie G's Suitcase

Kathie introduced me to her friend Debbie.  Debbie had also come to Georgia's Milagro class that I missed.  Debbie worked on what looked like a hat box.  Very cute.  She also worked in very vibrant pinks, my favorite colors.
Debbie's Hat Case in progress
Our Master Solderer, Margo Beatty, came to play with us.  Instead of a suitcase she decided to work on a blank clipboard.  She also worked in pink but a softer pink.  She also muted some of her edges and the paper with paint.  Below you can see her finished clipboard.

I neglected to learn from some of the artists whether they were just doing a background or if they were going to go farther with their projects when they got home.  My bad. . .
Margo's Clip Board in progress

Margo's Finished Clipboard

I decided to do a background collage using scrapbook papers in vintage muted colors and for contrast, black.  Then I had a theme - Men I have loved  (obviously in my dreams). . .  The range is from Leonard Cohen to Freddie Mercury (even though we play for different teams) and capping off my bizarre interest - Henry Kessinger. . .  Not sure what they all have in person.  Power?

One side of my background collage finished

Layout for one of my sides

Sally's Suitcase one side almost finished
Can't wait for next month to try something new!


Robin Sanchez said...

Wish I could have made this meet up. Love everyones suitcases - they are all so different!! Magda's steampunk case is so my style. I'm inspired to do one myself soon since I have......ahemmm......collected more suitcases than I really need.

Margo looks GREAT!!

Kat Baker said...

I love your suitcase and all your fantasy loves, Sally. Mine's not finished, but this is one project I fully intend on completing. I had fun at our class. Thanks for teaching us a fun and inexpensive technique.

Kathie said...

what a blast we had! these creative workshop days are so wonderful!!iew

Kathie said...

hmmm, thought i posted already but dont see it......what a blast we all had. i love our workshop playdays!rted

Axes DesigNs said...

Hi SallyThanks for teaching us the collaging It was a great idea! I love my Steampunk suitcase and I'm so happy with.. I love the meet ups.. and I can't wait for my next! by the way.. see'ya next week ;)

Margo said...

I had so much fun and you did a great job of encouraging our creativity. These arr meet ups are great and very productive! Thank you for leading this months project!

geogems said...

bummer I wasn't able to make the fun. I LOVE everyone's different take on a wonderful collage project. I laugh at your theme, Sal. Jackie's house is so perfect for the event. I am looking forward to next time---Kathie G. and Jackie?? I think??? What a privilage to gather with such creative "artists"---YOU ARE TOO, Sal

geogems said...

Hope this isn't a duplicate...LOVE THE COLLAGE SUITCASES!!!! You guys really outdid yourself and it is so true that the "energy" in that lovely "studio" set up is awesome!! Thanks, Jackie for opening your home. I was bummed I couldn't join all of you---but hope to do one on my own after seeig all of these. Can't wait for next month---and Sal---you are a TEACHER and ARTIST!!!!

Anonymous said...

The suitcases look amazing! I was reading Magdalena's blog and found my way over here.

Can't wait to see what the group creates next!

Christine Barker