Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where Silly Sal Creates

Where SillySalCreates
A lot has changed in my life recently and in the lives of those I love most. Plus, I am getting ready to go to this incredible event next week that Kim Caldwell has created - "Affaire at Tiffanys" - in Manhattan Beach, CA. The event was my birthday and Christmas present from last year from my kids.  Thank you so much.

I heard about Kim Caldwell through Robin Sanchez when she sat across the table from me and my friend Margo Beatty (see blog)  in a Terri Brush class at the Urban Barn. Robin had just returned from Kim Caldwell's Moulin Rouge event of that year. Robin and I hit it off right away and I invited her to come play at my home and also when other of my friends like Jackie Baxted had events at their home, for her to be invited also. I became obsessed with going to one of Kim's events. And, even more so, when I visited Kim's home for a class that Robin was teaching (see blog). Every corner of Kim's home was part of her vision of what all my friends dream of their homes becoming.

So, the invites go out and I sign up as soon as possible for Kim's Spring event - "Affaire at Tiffanys" - and then the preparation begins. I ended up only signing up for one of the swaps that open and close faster than you can blink your eye due to the up-coming birth of my first grand baby who is a boy!

Diaper Tricycle I made with Gund Bear

Nine of 40 invitation boxes that went out 
More of the boxes that went out
 My daughter, Kari, and I now had a baby shower to make happen and we did. It was such a success but took up time and space as I decided to create a one of a kind baby shower invite. And then one must scrapbook (getting back to my roots) those pages that grew to 13 pages and I haven't scrapped the pictures from my daughter-in-law's work baby shower. . . Exciting times for the family and me especially since my son and wife had always said they weren't going to have children and had been married 13 years. Yea! They kept it a surprise and I LOVE surprises.

Door to Art Room
Placard from Ernie's daughter
The following are current photos of MY play space and also my dining room where friends gather every week to play and chat and munch. I can make the table large enough for 10 people. We almost always finish up the day with me making cappuccino for those who would like an afternoon pickup. I used to have 8 people every week and it was fun, but you couldn't follow everyone's conversation and it just got to be too much for me. I regret in someways to limiting the number to 4 including me and usually it is just me, Kathie Gillaspey and Margo Beatty. Kathie just lives 1/4 of mile from me as the crow flies and Margo has become my friend after being my mentor readying me for Sally Jean classes and spurring my interests and now obsession with soldering.

Dining Room table set up for Play Day
On the card table in the middle of the room are my jewelry pieces that are "works in progress".  They are my pride and joy.  I love soldering thanks to my mentor/teacher's extraordinaire, Sally Jean and Margo Beatty.

Soldering Jewelry
As you can see I have art hanging on my wall that I have created from some of my most favorite artist/teachers.  The first big piece that I love the most and see all the flaws was in Lynn Perrella's class the first time I went to Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ with Georgia.

Circle is what I created in Lynn's class
The Danita little print sitting on my wall desk, I just purchased from Danita.  I took an online class from Danita from Jenny Doh's Crescendoh class.  It was amazing.  I wish Danita would put out her own video so we could purchase it and have it forever for our very own.  Side note, I was lucky enough to be one of Jenny's featured currators for her Art Saves Series when it first started.

See Danita's little canvas under TV?
I have three finished canvases from K.C. Willis's teachings.  One is of my husband's grandparents and their 50th wedding anniversary.  It was the first one I did and did in her class.  Then I did one of the night I met my birth mother.  Lastly in a Rita Reade class at Jackie Baxted's home, I made the one with the only photos of my birth mom and my birth dad on the beach in Coney Island.

I have many paintings I have made while playing with Suzi Blu when she lived in the San Diego area.  I also have two of her canvases that she gave me as gifts and they are also displayed on my walls. I learned everything I know about drawing girls and more about life from Suzi Blu.  None to be forgotten.

Wall of Shame
Below, with the sun shinning brightly in from the street are the book shelves.  Underneath the window are plastic container housing all my stamps that I removed from their wood blocks and tried to organize.  Now if I would just use them.  I find card making the most difficult activity.  I am not a precise person even if I try.  And things should not be cattywompus unless with intention.  My daughter would always wonder why I couldn't get everything squared up on the card.  That is why my jewelry is so satisfying.  Nothing has to be anywhere except where I want it!

Street Wall
 I don't have anything displayed from my Kelly Kilmer classes in the beginning of my art adventure, but I do have my most treasured 12 x 12's that I created the first one in Chris Cozen's amazing Golden Paint class.

12x12 canvas on cabinet doors
So, as you can see if you look closely, on floor behind the baby floor gym is all the art stuff to take to "Affaire at Tiffanys". Plus, today, my daughter-in-law is visiting with my new grandson, so the "baby equipment" is out that I purchased at incredible price and like new from a resale baby store -Conceptions Children's Resale.

The Floor - no area is safe from use
What you are not seeing is the rest of the home and garage that is also filled with art stuff. The spare bedroom closet and drawers and armoire also house more scrapbook and genealogy stuff and all my Creative Memories Scrapbooks from life including graduations and weddings of my family including my two children and my husband's two children. One of my daughter-in-law's greatest fear (for many reasons I hope) is my dying and she and the family having to deal with all this stuff. At one point, she said she would just rent one of those big trash trailers and start dumping. Yes, you guessed it, my children don't understand art at all. They are number people like I used to be before I started to use the right side of my brain. My daughter and daughter-in-law have been to call Kathie and Georgia Lichon when I am gone, before throwing anything away. I am super healthy and hope to live to be at least 96 years old like my oldest Aunt was when she died last winter.

Ernie in his "man cave"
I know if you are reading this, that you totally understand the chaos that I fondly refer to as my Art Room. My husband has his own room - the man cave in a three car garage with a big screen, a desktop computer and the entire works for racing on his PS3 including steering wheel, gear shift and brake and accelerator pedals. That is where he lives while he smokes his Cigarillo Swisher Sweets and drinks his Crystal Light Tea and researches anything and everything our extended family might need. Right now he is on top of solor pool panels and fiber glassing our pool as we do an update of our backyard pool that is 35 years old with some re-bar making it's ugly appearance on the floor of the pool. Thank you Ernie for all you do for us and the family. Love you!


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