Monday, November 1, 2010

My Suzi Blu Cards from Suzi's Stamps

I'm not sure why making cards is so difficult for me. I surmise that perhaps it is because it is a more exactly art form. Altered Art appeals to me because it is not exact. Plus, the one skill I truly haven't got a handle on is color. It is such a trial and error thing for me.

Here are three of my favorite finished Suzi Blu Stamp cards. The first one is in my favorite color - Pink. I have added a crown and Stickles. The heart is a glitter embossing powder that I had never used before. The flowers were a ribbon roll that I got at Stamping Details and cut apart and then put rhinestones in the centers.

I am wondering if this is Suzi's Stamp or if I copied a card she made for me that I thought she was going to make a stamp. The saying was her saying "Love is the whole point." The design her all hers..

I love this stamp. I just happened to have the ice cream cone sticker and thought it went great. Now I am going to look for actual cupcake stickers. I'm sure they are out there. . .

The backgrounds were done with H2O's and metallic water color paints that i was fooling around with - I don't do that very often. Suzi was videoing and I was just making backgrounds for all her girls I had stamped. Fun.

What has helped me the most when I really think about it is the section of Somerset Magazine where they have an artist select her palette and then show what she did with it.

I have also learned from Chris Cozen , Suzi Blu (at Suzi's link you can see what she did with her stamps) and Julie Prichard is to select something out of a magazine or scrapbook paper that has already made the decision of what colors look good together and then try to emulate them. But, that takes some forethought and preparation.

When I was visiting Suzi the other day at her seaside new home she talked again about selecting your palette before beginning. I just thought artists just picked a color and then looked at what they had done and then selected another color that they thought would look good with the first color. I had no idea that there was preparation involved!

Here are my humble attempts at card making with Suzi's darling stamps from Unity Stamp company owned by this wonderful woman, Angela who I met at Melody Ross' Brave Girl's Camp this year.

Theses were all done before I tried to add embellishments. They are just missing something! The final products are the single photos. There were more and the best one's I did are already sent to some of my dear friends and relatives. I love that I had things I personally made to send. I hope they loved getting them from me.

The remaining cards are the finished cards. I know I talked about being "challenged" are cutting and being exact. Trust me, I truly was on theses but because of the angle I shot theses photos, and then cropping them in PhotoShop, they look like I didn't cut evenly. No, I was just too lazy this time on my birthday - yes, today is my birthday - to mess with this aspect. I hope you can see the difference when the cards are finished.

Yes, those are big dimensional stones that make the flowers in her hands. I love all things lumpy. Glued them down with E6000.


Kat said...

You did a beautiful job on your Suzi cards. Her stamps are so fun to work with. I'm going to get out my H20's.

suzi blu said...

Look how wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love your creations with Suzi's stamps. Lovely colours.
I just received my suzi stamps last week and hope to make some cards today. Thanks for your inspiration. Pam

GardenDesigner said...

Very Nice!! They turned out great!!!

BritChickNY said...

Hi Sally! Just tumbled upon your sweet blog and love, love the cards you made using Suzi's stamps. I have just "invested" in them all and cannot wait to get creating! Thank-you for your inspiration!