Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Once upon our time in the far away land of Ho-Ho-Ha-Ha Nova Scotia, there lives a beautiful Princess of the Airwaves. Her name is Alice; she lives in a wonderland of caring and sharing, between two Dave’s, the mountains of masculinity that give her purpose. Alice masterfully expands time for all those she adores, her listeners.

Had my Ernie not encountered Alice out there on the waves of “Ham,” we would not have the pleasure of knowing and loving this determined survivor of three killers, heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Alice authors missiles of daily living with a flare of cursive, second only to hours of melodic ruminations she sets afloat upon the airwaves. Living, Laughing, and Loving humor of the “Frank, Ernie, Alice” kind is oh so rare and wildly contagious.

Now, here comes the mailman! And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but tiny little packages filled with crafts Alice doth share. Socks, shirts, and every other sort, emblazoned with the red leaf of Canada’s Court; handmade dish cloths and chocolate candies galore, letters and photos and how could there be more?

So, I and friend Carol, think,"how do we say, thank you” in the lovliest way? Then came the idea, "we'll make stationery to brighten her day". What you see below, designed in Sally’s workshop, are the results of our play.


suzi blu said...

Beautiful Sally!

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Forgot to mention that Carol wrote the article about Alice. All I did was the mechanics and the photos.

jackieb said...

Aren't you clever girls! Sounds like good holiday fun.

Merry Christmas,

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

sooooo cute Sally!! she is amazing to send you all that fun stuff! so sweet!