Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Book x 3

Three of them!

The first week in August there was the So Cal Shop Hop. We were given books of all the scrapbook stores in Southern California. I missed that week and was not able to get out an about except to two stores close to my home. But, the following week I had to go up to Los Angeles and decided to stop in and see some new stores that I didn't know about before.

Cover - Scrap n' Yap's idea

One of them was in Monrovia, right off the 210 freeway. It is called Scrap n' Yap. The store was so cute and the person behind the counter was working on this darling Halloween book. She was using a product that was a book to make a castle. It was a work in progress and she was doing such interesting things. I ended up purchasing 3 of theses books and asked if I could photograph what she had done so far. I told her I don't teach and won't be selling my creation. She said, "no problem." I then ended up purchasing tons ($$$$) of product to make my book. One of the items that made the book so unique was the lace that they had for sale at the checkout counter. It looked like spider webs and the worker bee had used it in the windows. Loved it.

"boo" board made at Scrapbook Club - Pink Pineapple

I am so glad to be finished with this project. Making one would have been fun. Making 3 is an entirely different story. Yesterday I sent off two of the books - one to my husband's grandson, Aidan - the other to my husband's great-grandson, Christian. I kept one for myself, in case my kids will ever decide to have children. I would not want to make this book again and so, "I am ready!"

Design idea from Scrap n' Yap

I'm just posting a few of the pages so that you can get the idea. Remember that some of the pages were not my idea, but gave me new ideas for other pages.




Stencils, stickers and a stamp

Pages with place for photos

Last page

There are 8 double sided pages in each book. Hope if you ever are in the Monrovia area you will stop in and visit at Scrap n' Yap and tell them Silly Sal sent you.

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Deborah Truesdell said...

Having seen it in person makes me really appreciate all the creativity and energy on these pages! Great job!