Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kari's 30th Bday - South Beach FL

Kari is 2nd from left

I had wanted to do an acrylic book. When I found this blank acrylic book at Scrapbook Your LIfe and was so excited. My daughter, Kari, had just come back from South Beach, Fl, where she had celebrated her 30th birthday with some of her good friends. Two had come from Manhattan, one from S.F. and another from Atlanta, Georgia.

A week after purchasing the book, I returned to Scrapbook Your LIfe in San Diego and saw a completed book. The designer extrodoinaire, Jen Lowe from, was in town and she had the neatest book already complete and that night was going to join Club 52 and demonstate how to color the acrylic with Adirondiac Alcohol Inks from Ranger. If I joined the group (3 months for $70) I could bring my blank book and get help. Yes!

J-Lo allowed me to photograph her book and helped me color the front page where it spells out "BEACH". I then proceeded to purchase all the other stuff necessary to complete a book looking ALOT like hers. The cover is almost exactly like hers but has a license plate that says "Florida" and a brass palm tree.
Cover of Acrylic Book
I created a few pages on my own that were needed to work with the photos I had. One is the one with Amber. She got very burnt one day and after returning to Manhattan, could not go to work for a day or two. Her face was so burnt and her lips swollen. I had to include this one.

Gorgeous Amber sans sunburn

Peek a Boo

J-Lo had used a background paper purchased at SBYL that had points of interest in San Diego all in different fonts. There was nothing for Miami/SouthBeach. So I called her friend Lisa and asked her where they had gone to party while there. I used Word and printed it on a transparency. But what to put behind the transparency? I took an 8x11 stupid water color I did at my mentor (Georgia Lichon) home while fooling around. Reduced it in PhotoShop CS3 and then brought that into Word and placed the water color behind the words - wella!

Original Water Color

Finished Page

You are looking at the last page of the 12 page book through the back of the book acrylic page. "FUN" are glass tiles that SBYL has at their checkout counter. The wavey blue water is from a sticker page I probably purchased 10 years ago.

I am including another page that was put together from purchased items and ideas from J-Lo's original book that can be found in it's entirety at Jen's blog. (Jen-Lowe will be back at SBYL in July to teach technique classes and more. Be sure to go and sign-up!). The rest of the pages to Kari's book will have to be seen if you come visit me at home. The book lives at my house until Kari's Short Sale on a condo closes and then will reside at her first home in Carmel Valley.


geopriestopsw said...

WOW...what a tribute. You certainly are a best friend and life long. We KNOW the story of almost having not met. The only saddnes I have is I didn't make the cut for YOUR SPECIAL B"DAY!!! Since then I have sucked up to the family and think I would be in the inner circle for next time.
I guess I migt be persauded to show my's just so unlike me to flash my fallen down boopie. What was a rose is now long stem per my niece in SF. As for the flashing incident...that drive is SO BORING.
We sure have made some memories. I miss AU, we will have to find a niche to get away. Of course if you keep breaking things at your apts. to take Ernie away, that works out. You have a view in every room!!!
Thanks again friend for the kind's like reading your eulogy and you haven't died yet. Keep writing.
LOL, geo

geopriestopsw said...

Yeah, I know. You are wondering how I got that name for my posting. I haven't a clue...LOL, g